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From Fargo Rubber Stamp 


Founded in 1885, Fargo Rubber Stamp served the FM area for decades on the Fargo side of the river, on 1st Avenue North, and more recently in the Loudon Building.  In 1976, long-time owner Iver Fossum sold the company to employees, and it became known as FRS Industries. The business changed hands a few more times in recent years, and is now led by FRS veteran Andrew Ponto.  We changed our name from Fargo Rubber Stamp (FRS) to reflect the broad range of products and service that we offer.



Andy started at FRS in 1991, working his way up from file clerk to vice president and now owner and president of the company.  With 22 employees, FRS WORKS now flourishes on Center Avenue in Moorhead, Minnesota, across the river from its place of origin.  FRS WORKS is proud to serve the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo and surrounding communities and feels strong ties to both the area and its faithful customers.

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